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100% Solids Epoxy Sample Size

100% Solids Epoxy Sample Size

Epoxy Sampler (20 sq.ft.)

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Muscle Gloss is a super-strength coating and sealer solution for high traffic floors. This 100% solids epoxy solution is excellent for containment areas - especially when an acid and chemical resistant coating is required.

Use Muscle Gloss to produce an abrasion resistant surface that will stand up to acids, alkalis, solvents, temperature changes and protect new floors from wear, spills and damage. Unlike solvent based epoxy, Muscle Gloss is odorless. This high-gloss solution will show no loss from evaporation, and can be applied with a variety of non-slip additives..

Muscle Gloss provides your floor with unmatched protection from oils, grease, brake fluids and general wear & tear while maintaining a stunning high-gloss appearance. Muscle Gloss is easy to use and ready for heavy traffic in as little as 24 hours.

Use the Muscle Gloss Sample Size for areas of small repair or to help you choose the best color and style for your needs. Muscle Gloss Sampler Epoxy will cover up to 15-20 square feet, depending on surface condition.

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