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MusclePrime DP is a fast curing, cost-effective, 2-component waterborne epoxy primer intended for use as a clear or field pigmented primer or concrete sealer coat. It can be used as a standard primer under most MuscleGloss flooring or wall systems. MusclePrime DP can be used as a direct to prepared concrete finish sealer where low or no topical film build is desired or as a pre-primer under other MuscleGloss primers/coatings where extreme bond strength is required due to poor substrate conditions.

• Waterborne with no strong odors
• Excellent Adhesion to a variety of substrates
• Penetrates deeply into prepared concrete substrate for low film build
• Solvent-free
• Able to be field pigmented with Colorants
• Fast drying time

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2 1/2 Gallon


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